Systemic change management

Discover the hidden to resolve the obvious

Research says only 25% of change programs deliver the desired outcome.

In addition, accelerating digitisation, decreasing half-life knowledge and increasing demographic aging challenge people to change more often than ever before.

How can you improve?

Human behaviours and group dynamics in organisations are the main drivers for change success

The ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment is essential. Resilient people help organisations gain competitive advantages. Contemporary organisations focus on change at the level of the individual.

Add a systemic lens to achieve breakthroughs

Put your people first and work with them in a holistic way, within the specific context. 

Our Brain

The human brain consists of two halves, each performing different functions. The left half is responsible for analytics, whereas the right one handles emotions.

Our Anxieties

Change programs are often communicated rationally without addressing the emotional side.

However people have a natural tendency to protect. This behaviour causes resistance to change.

Because people are often afraid of loss or have security concerns – they fear losing control, autonomy, career opportunities or status.

The Approach

Execute your next change process holistically. Address in addition to the rational side also the emotional side.

Add a systemic lens to gain clarity about human behaviours and dynamics in your organisation.

Create space for new experiences and ideas to achieve breakthroughs. 


Focus on what really matters and put people first

Focus on people behaviour – name and tame them.

Address individual and social defences preventing change.

Gain awareness of the cross-projective space between individuals influencing behaviour.


Discover hidden dynamics in organisation, look below the surface

Discover hidden competing commitments to promote a shift in team dynamics towards achieving the objective.

Improve team cohesion by clarifying its purpose.

Develop the team’s primary task and reduce the risks associated with teamwork.


Find a balance between taking action and stepping back for reflections

Balance between action and reflection.

Execute tasks diligently following a plan, but also consciously allow time to step back.

Create a safe space where people can explore their emotional side, talk about uncertainties, anxieties, and hidden feelings.

Supporting small and medium sized business –
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Do you want to inspire as a leader, increase team effectiveness or transform your business? The services are customised to meet your needs.

Leadership Development

Develop a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

Gain awareness of your „inner voice“ and understand how you influence others with your behaviours.

Re-Discover yourself and inspire others.

Team Intervention

Make your next multi day workshop an experience. 

Disrupt current practices through the playful use of new tools and techniques. 

Develop pragmatic and real-world solutions to unfold the team energy for growth.

Business Transformation

Convert your transformation from being an objective to becoming a process.

Follow a clear structured approach and experiment with systemic tools and techniques for better results. 

Introduce a holistic approach to your business transformation.

6 premises to keep in mind

  1. There is often a logical explanation for behaviour, even if the behaviour seems strange or counterproductive.
  2. The way we behave may be influenced by our past experiences and people we have known.
  3. Our behaviours and the decisions we make are often affected by our emotions, even if we do not always realise this.
  4. Even the most ‘rational’ people have blind spots, and the ‘best’ people have a shadow side.
  5. Change is very difficult if the context (the ‘system’) is not taken into consideration.
  6. Change takes time.

4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

About me and my (previous) work

I bring to your process my competitive personality, business knowledge, experience from working in consultancy and big corporates. This is further enhanced with know how from studies in the field of Change Management at the Business School INSEAD.

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„We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.“ Winston Churchill

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„Patrick is observant, with attentive listening skills and the ability to step back and reflect. Paired with his professionalism and care, he is a dependable and insightful partner in any endeavour.“

„Patrick is a very reliable and honorable person with a sportsmanlike behavior.“

„Patrick is one of those (few) persons who combine a clear, well-structured professional approach when dealing with complex matters with eye for the personal touch due to his true interest in people.“

„Patrick’s fresh approaches are stretching and inspiring. They brought back forgotten topics into focus and provided me with new inputs. They helped me to follow through on my journey more constructively. Many thanks for the outstanding support.“

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